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Boiler boiling... while Lyle entertains questions.

Gray's Sugarhouse

Entering our 50th year of maple syrup and sugar production with an oil fired evaporator.

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Check out our selection of Pure Maple Products including Maple Syrup, Maple Cream, Maple Candy, Maple Sugar, and Maple Coated Pecans!

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"The Gray Family has been producing Pure Maple Syrup on this farm (Beaver Meadow Farm) since 1866... "

*** Maple Sugaring Spring 2012 ***

This season featured the earliest tapping date on record, to match one of the warmest winters in New England. An additional orchard was tapped this year and the production total was low, due to the warmest March on record.

*** Maple Sugaring Spring 2011 ***

This season features a return to hanging buckets on Barnes and Baptist Corner road and a new vacuum pump for the maple sugar grove on the hill above the sugarhouse. The maple syrup production was close to a record season.

The barn is nearing completion in its return to the paint scheme of the early 1900s and only need 2nd coats in the back and parts of the cupola.

Maple Sugaring Spring 2010

This season was very short as the weather simply prematurely warmed up and stayed warm, stopped the flow from the taps and changing the quality.

The farm barn is three quarters complete in its return to the paint scheme of the early 1900s.

Maple Sugaring Spring 2009

This season was just as successful at the 2008 season.

Grandson Curtis was a welcome relief from his one year absence and was very helpful throughout the sugaring season, as well as sons Raymond and Lyle. Dad was chipping in wherever and whenever he could.

The historic farm barn, always a conversation piece for sugaring visitors, is half complete in its return to the paint scheme of the early 1900s.

Maple Sugaring Spring 2008

Syrup production began March 9th, with dad back at the helm. The new evaporator installed in 2007 started like a charm. The day was warm and rain set in during the day, making the tapping/gathering/boiling experience truly fun! Tapping started within the previous 3-4 days. All sorts of help arrived that Saturday to accelerate the mobilization of the sugaring season.

The whole family (mom/dad and all their kids) had a reunion of a sort the night before which helped set the mood.

Many hours were spent the previous 1-2 weeks lifting the sap pipelines from under the deep, crusted snow for the tree taps on the hill(s).

Maple Sugaring Spring 2007

A gallery of pictures of the sugarhouse can be seen by clicking the PICTURES 2007 link to the left.

Maple Sugaring Spring 2006

A gallery of pictures to reflect the conditions under which tapping started can be seen by clicking the PICTURES 2006 link to the left.

Maple Sugaring History

For a detailed Maple History visit the Massachusetts Maple Producer's Association web site (MMPA).

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